The University of Illinois System, consisting of its three universities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield, has carried on its land-grant mission for 150 years, making a lasting impact in academic excellence, discovery and innovation, public service, economic development, and healthcare around the globe. If you call the UK or Europe home, supporting the mission of our great universities is possible via the University of Illinois Foundation UK Limited. Working together around the world makes us altogether extraordinary.

Recent News

University of Illinois Foundation UK Limited Fully Operational in the United Kingdom

The UIUK Foundation was set up by the University of Illinois Foundation to allow University of Illinois alumni and friends living in the United Kingdom and Europe to efficiently support higher education and to maximize the value of their charitable support through tax incentives available in the UK other European countries.

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Researchers Engineer Bacteria To Create A Million New Chemicals For Drug Discovery

A new research study finds that this shotgun approach to drug discovery can be accelerated with the help of bacteria.

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2017 Silver Circle winner Julia Vaingurt

Julia Vaingurt is associate professor of Slavic and Baltic languages and literatures at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Our alumni are worldwide

Together the three universities in the U of I System have more than 722,000 living alumni contributing their talents in Illinois and across the globe.

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